University Seal

The University Seal

The seal is Campbellsville University’s historical emblem. Designed by alumnus Scotty Lane Coconaugher Clenney, ’63, it features a campus scene in a triangle surrounded by a proclamation of the universal attributes of fellowship, leadership and scholarship, the words “Campbellsville University” and the date and place of the University’s founding, 1906, Campbellsville, Kentucky. The official seal is a revered symbol of Campbellsville University, emblematic of its historic roots and widely recognized through long use.

The official seal of the University should be used in conjunction with historic or formal academic events, and on official University documents, such as diplomas, transcripts, official records, programs for formal academic events or formal invitations, and legally binding documents.

The official University seal is not a logo and should never be used as one. It should never be used in place of the official logo of Campbellsville University.

When using the seal, caution should be taken to prevent poor reproduction quality. Never scan the seal from old documents and attempt to use it.

If you wish to use the seal as a graphic element, permission must be granted by the Office of University Communications at (270) 789-5213. Those using the seal with permission will have proper reproduction files or materials made available to them.

Printed Format

The seal may appear in black, black with a gold border or maroon. It may be reversed on a maroon background. Foil stamping of the seal in silver is also permissible. When using a foil stamp, please consult the Office of University Communications at (270) 789-5213 for correct color matches.

The seal must never be crowded by graphic or typographic elements. It must always be placed completely within a document’s borders, as opposed to bleeding off the edges. The seal must also be placed on a solid background, never on top of a photograph or graphic.

Electronic Format
Most of the printed format rules also apply when using the seal in an electronic presentation.
The seal must always be on a solid background. The seal must never run off the sides of a window or screen.
Black & Gold
The acceptable RGB color value for the seal is: RGB 135-36-52
The acceptable CMYK color value for the seal is: CMYK 31-95-72-31