Vision and Core Values

The Mission of the School of Theology is to Produce World Changers for Christ. 

We carry out this task with a wholehearted response of gratitude, worship, and stewardship to God as revealed in Jesus Christ.

The tools for the task consist of a comprehensive program of Christian studies (Biblical studies, theology, philosophy, pastoral ministries & counseling, church history, educational ministries, sports ministry, and evangelism).

This is done as an integral part of Campbellsville University, a fellowship of learners dedicated to searching for and living within the truth under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

World changers who are . . .

People who are passionate about God’s good news in Jesus Christ and who have a strong desire for others to experience life in him.

People who love God’s powerful Word and who in community with others are learning, knowing, trusting, and following the Sacred Scriptures which are able, from beginning to end, to show the way to salvation in Jesus Christ.

People who have a high view of the local church, but whose field of vision does not limit ministry to the “four walls” and who see the local church as a base from which to go out into the world.

People, of high moral character and kingdom heart, who are developing Jesus’ qualities of servant leadership and who in turn develop servant leaders under them.

Creative people who are energized by the possibilities of what God and faithful persons together can do; builders who start with nothing and see spiritual dreams take shape; inventors capable of reinvention to maintain effective ministry.

Students who make an impact for Christ during their student days; alumni who display an abiding love for and commitment towards CU; brotherhoods and sisterhoods, forged at CU, that are fruitful for ministry well beyond four to five years of campus life.