Welcome Weekend

Welcome Weekend

 First Class OR-100 August 24th 3:50pm-8:00pm

First Class Welcome Weekend is an instant way to build relationships with faculty, staff, and other incoming first-year students before classes officially begin on August 25th at 5:15 pm.

The events begin Saturday, August 23rd and go through the 24th. On Sunday the 24th all students enrolled in OR 100 FIRST CLASS will experience an amazing time with their peer mentor and instructor.

This time with your FIRST CLASS small group on August 24th begins at 3:50pm in the Winters Dining Hall (WDH) and concludes at 8:00pm in the Ransdell Chapel (RC) with the Service of Dedication.


The Service of Dedication builds unity among the entering class as each participates in this rite of passage that dedicates and confirms the students' membership into the collegiate community. This experience marks the new students' journey of finding their calling at CU. In this event you will also experience the loving community and servant hearts that create the warm, supporting environment that Campbellsville University provides.

The Lamp of Learning
The official seal of Campbellsville University was created in 1960 by a student, Ms. Scotty Cocanougher. The administration asked the art classes for ideas for a school seal. Her submitted sketch was accepted as the official seal. Within this seal is the lamp of learning. This sketch comes to life in the carving of the lamp of learning, which signifies a stable light for the spiritual as well as the scholastic path of life. This light illuminates the way to learning, empowerment, exploration, accomplishment, achievement, and even the way home. The lamp is a symbol for students as Christian servant leaders, ones who not only will walk in the light, but ones that will also choose to light the path for others.
Students, who will challenge those who come after you? A student, just like you, created the Campbellsville University seal, leaving a legacy for all Campbellsville University students, staff, and faculty. Think of how you will now help create Campbellsville University’s history, a legacy that you would want to be remembered by. Service, leadership, scholastic achievement, innovative inventions, creative literature, sports endeavors, loyalty, fellowship, Christian witness, are all worthy attributes to leave, but it is up to you. What will you do today to light the path for those with you now and the ones to follow? We dedicate you, the incoming class of 2015, as leaders of service and servants to all.