Worship Arts

Worship Arts:  an interdisciplinary program of ministry study, Worship Arts combines theological foundations with courses in music, art, communications, and theater.  Worship Arts, which is available only as an area of study (69 hrs), equips the student to call out a full range of aesthetic gifts of men and women in a congregational setting for transforming worship. Starting Spring 2013, this program will shift towards the direction of the School of Music. 


Worship Arts Faculty:

  • Lead Professor:  John Hurtgen (Ph.D), Professor of New Testament & Greek
  • Shane Garrison (Ed.D.), Assistant Professor of Educational Ministries
  • Linda Cundiff (M.A.), Professor of Art
  • Jason Garrett (Ph.D.), Assistant Professor of Communications
  • Starr Garrett, Assistant Professor of Theater/Theater Director

Christian Studies Core Requirements (18 hrs)
CHS 211 Art of Reading the Bible
CHS 230 Spiritual Formation
CHS 365 Christian Studies Internship
CHS 432 Christian Theology
CHS 471 Church History
CHS        Upper Level Old or New Testament Course

Worship Arts Area Requirements, 69 hours

  • Music (21 hrs)
  • Theology (9 hrs)
  • Art (3 hrs)
  • Mass Communications (9 hrs)
  • Theater (9 hrs)

Worship Arts Conference

Since the establishment of the Worship Arts program (2006), the School of Theology has also hosted a Worship Arts Conference, an opportunity for pastors, worship leaders, laity, and students to gather for worship, to dialogue with leading practitioners, and to explore dimensions of leadership, liturgy, and aesthetics in the worshiping church. WAC 2007 Worship & Lament: Michael Card, with John Mark McMillan, guest artist WAC 2008 Worship & Justice: Eric Bryant (Mosaic), Marvin McMickle (Ashland Seminary), Nathan Ivey (Sojourn), with Derek Webb and John Mark McMillan, guest artists WAC 2009 The Changing Face of Worship: Shane Claiborne (Irresistible Revolution), with Charlie Hall, John Mark McMillan, and Rachel Hurt, guest artists Next Worship Arts Conference? Stay tuned!