Youth Minister/Media Ministries (Full-Time), Heritage International Church, Radcliff, KY

Youth Minister/Media Ministries (Full-Time), Heritage International Church, Radcliff, KY

Youth Minister/ Media Ministries Heritage International Christian Church Radcliff, Kentucky, United States Date Posted: 11/05/2012 Categories: Young Adult Pastor - Youth Pastor Denomination: Pentecostal Church Size: 501 to 750 Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Heritage is a multi-cultural Non-denominational church. We are presently searching for a full time youth pastor to serve in a dynamic spirit-filled setting. Our goal is to attract a youth pastor who is passionate to reach and teach this generation of young people. 


1.   Baccalaureate degree and divinity degree desirable.

2.   5 years experience working with youth ministries.

3.   Understanding of Christian education within the local church.

      Ability to evangelize, disciple and teach effectively youth grades 8th-12th.

      Ability to develop and lead creatively youth programs and ministries which equip parents.

      Ability to recruit, motivate and equip youth teachers and workers.

4.   Endorse and support the Church Covenant and Statement of Faith as stated in the Heritage


      Evidence a commitment to the Heritage Purpose Statement, honoring God by making more

      disciples for Jesus Christ.

      Support the traditional evangelical theology for which Heritage stands.

      Remain a member in good standing of Heritage Church.

5.   Has a real passion for youth ministries

6.   Good Communication skills

7.   Able to attract and grow a youth group

8.   Self motivated leader

9.   Capable interaction with parents

10. Able to wear multiple ministry hats



1. Familiar  with digital audio consoles (Yamaha M7CL, specifically)
2. Must be familiar with computer applications that directly relate to work (Photoshop, Final Cut or

    similar, Motion, After Effects, etc)
3. Knowledge of various production elements preferred (ETC Ion board, various lighting, photography,

    audio production, stage design, etc)
4. Knowledgeable and proficient in all web protocols
5. Able to design, develop and maintain church website

6. Able to direct, edit and produce short video productions for worship services, functions, events and


7. Able to manage, operate, maintain and recommend purchases for all church media equipment,

    including sound, video, and recording.



The Director of youth Ministries is responsible for the ministry to youth from 8th  through grade twelve and to their families.  The primary objectives are to evangelize and disciple youth and to resource parents and families in order to assist them to develop positive Christian homes.

1.   Develop and implement youth Sunday School, weeknight, outreach, recreation, fellowship,

      discipleship and evangelism programs.

2.   Recruit, develop, and equip teachers and workers for youth ministry.

3.   Assist in developing and implement a leadership training program for potential age level volunteer


4.   Develop and oversee curriculum selection process to include Executive Director approval.

5.   Oversee room use and program equipment selection for use in youth ministry programs.

6.   Provide programs and counsel to families with youth including parent training and resourcing.

7.   Maintain personal participation in youth programs and develop personal contacts with youth and

      their families.

8.   Participate in other pastoral functions as assigned by the Executive Director and the Senior




1.   Reports to the Executive Diector 

2.   Works with ministry teams related to youth and family ministry.

3.   Create and Supervise youth ministry associate staff.

4.   Coordinates with other members of the church staff, especially in children, adult, and discipleship


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