Vision 2025

Preparing Christian Servant Leaders

Vision 2025

The Vision 2025 – Preparing Christian Servant Leaders (Vision 2025) plan was adopted by the Campbellsville University Board of Trustees on August 11, 2009. It is the result of an extensive self-examination process and presents a blueprint of what the institution aspires to become over the next 12 years

This document is designed to cast the future direction of Campbellsville University in a broad, macro-approach and to move Campbellsville University to a higher level of quality and excellence. The vision goes beyond the one year and five year forward look of the institutional strategic planning process. Vision 2025 builds upon the foundational steps already taken by the Board of Trustees and administration as summarized below:

  • The University Mission Statement, originally adopted in July 2001, has been revised and approved by the Board of Trustees as of January 2013, is supported by our Core Values;
  • Our emphasis will remain on excellence in the creation of the teaching and learning process in a character developing atmosphere based on our Christian commitment. Scholarly research and community service will always be prioritized as the university grows:
  • The commitment to the CU strategic planning process, which looks forward five years, and master facilities plan, a ten year plan, has been instrumental in the school’s progress and will continue to make planning and assessment institutional priorities;
  • CU’s historic role as a Christian higher education institution in the Baptist tradition will continue to be critically important in the second century;
  • Completion of the $61,100,00 Our Time This Place-Next Century Campaign by 2018, which was approved by the Board of Trustees in 2010, as the primary step in assuring the financial stability and advancement of the institution;
  • CU will continue as an institution that focuses on the success of each student with emphasis on mastery of the academic discipline, servant leadership, and character development from a Christian perspective.

In summary, the vision, being cast by the Board of Trustees, Dr. Michael Carter, and the senior leadership team, is for Campbellsville University to become a premier Christian university in America. Much of the foundation has been put in place, and CU now looks to the future to build upon that foundation in order to achieve overall excellence in all areas of institutional life.