CU Library Exchange

What is CU Library Exchange?

CU Library Exchange is the Intralibrary Loan service used to provide Montgomery Library physical resources to the university community. Circulating items located at all Montgomery Library locations may be requested by all Campbellsville University students, faculty, and staff located at the various university regional centers and online. CU Library Exchange provides library material to all students enrolled in online programs and at regional centers.

What types of resources are available for sharing using CU Library Exchange?

Books – Any circulating book housed in one of the Montgomery Library locations may be loaned to a CU patron. Paper Journals – Patrons may request a copy of an article from any of the paper journals located in-house. Circulating DVD and VHS recordings.

Who is eligible to use CU Library Exchange?

Any current student, faculty, or staff member of Campbellsville University, who has a valid Montgomery Library card and requests material from a location other than where they study is eligible to use CU Library Exchange. To secure a valid Montgomery Library card, register at the Montgomery Library located on the university main campus or log into your account at TigerNet and complete the Montgomery Library card request form.

How do I request material using CU Library Exchange?

Find the library resource you want to request using the Montgomery Library Website. Once you find your resource, enter the information into the CU Library Exchange online form located near the bottom of this page. Once you complete and submit the online form, you will receive an email from a member of the Montgomery Library staff informing you of the results of your request. Granted requests will be mailed to patrons using appropriate shipping methods based on the type of material requested. Materials such as photocopied articles may be scanned and emailed to patrons as attachments. Books will be mailed using the U.S. Postal Service.

Are there any costs associated with CU Library Exchange?

Borrowing library materials through the CU Library Exchange is free. Montgomery Library will be responsible for mailing loaned materials to the patron. Patrons are responsible for returning material to Montgomery Library. Books may be returned to any of the Montgomery Library locations or the patron can mail the material back to Montgomery Library. Any costs associated with mailing library material back to the library will be the responsibility of the borrowing patron. Late fees will occur for all overdue material.

For further questions, contact Regina Thompson at:

Regina Thompson

Regina Thompson

Interlibrary Loan & Cataloging Associate
Main Campus
Montgomery Library
Basement, ML 107