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The English Department provides a major and a minor, as well as an area of concentration that can include a degree in secondary education or an endorsement for middle-grades education.

The English curriculum also includes three essential components of the General Education Program and two basic developmental courses.

Courses Offered at: Campbellsville

English Degrees


The English Major

The major in English can serve as the main component of an overall program leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. The major is appropriate for students who do not seek teacher certification but who intend to pursue graduate studies in English or related fields (higher education administration, institutional research and development, law, philosophy, theology, etc.). The English major is also appropriate for students who intend to enter non-teaching careers requiring highly developed skills in analysis, interpretation, and communication (such as advertising, editing, investigation, management, sales, technical writing, etc.).

Requirements for English Major

The English Minor

The minor in English can serve as a supplementary component to an overall program leading to any Bachelor’s degree and is appropriate for students whose majors will prepare them to enter non-teaching careers requiring highly developed skills in analysis, interpretation, and communication (such as advertising, business administration, criminal investigation, editing, higher education administration, institutional research and development, journalism, law, philosophy, management, sales, technical writing, or theology.

Requirements for English Minor

The English Area for Teacher Certification

The area of concentration in English helps students prepare to teach English in grades 8-12.  However, students in English not seeking teacher certification may still elect to pursue the area instead of a major.

Requirements for English Area


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