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HPE with Teacher Certification

Health and Physical Education with Teacher Certification

Empowerment For Learning

The HPETE Area links students choosing P-12 teacher education with the Campbellsville University Department of Education. The Secondary Education minor is a 33 hour program. The HPETE track with certification in Health & Physical Education and Secondary Education requires 133 hours for completion rather than the normal 120 hours for graduation.

Empowerment for learning is one of the special joys and outcomes of becoming a teacher. As a result of program experiences, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to create a classroom climate in which your students can learn. The education program has a distinguished record of preparing students to become caring teachers.

The mission of the teacher education program at Campbellsville University is to prepare teachers for their respective fields by providing an academic infrastructure based on scholarship, service and Christian leadership. The primary goal of the program is to advance scholars who are competent, caring and qualified, who can positively impact student learning, and who are committed to life-long learning in a global society.

Campbellsville University School of Education is accredited by The National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB). The University is a part of the NASDTEC interstate agreement (National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education) which facilitates certification of our graduates in other states.

Course Offerings

Health and Physical Education Area with Teacher Certification (Preschool – 12): 85 Hours

Health and Physical Education Area: 52 Hours

Core Requirements: 47 Hours

Take each course on this list:
HP 200 Healthful Living 3
HP 201 History and Philosophy of Health, Physical Education and Sport 3
HP 212 Introduction to Rhythmic Movement 2
HP 230 Kinesiology and Physiology for HP Professionals 3
HP 234 Safety in Sport and Physical Activity 2
HP 251 Teaching Sports Skills I 2
HP 252 Teaching Sports Skills II 2
HP 300 Principles of Strength Training and Condition (Prereq:BIO221 or HP230) 3
HP 302 Assessment of Physical Activity 3
HP 305 Community and Consumer Health 3
HP 310 Nutrition 3
HP 320 Human Sexuality, Education, and Society 3
HP 321 School Health, Physical Education, and Recreation P-5 3
HP 380 Motor Learning 3
HP 391 Adapted Physical Education 3
HP 411 Teaching Health and Physical Education 5-12 3

Choose one course from this list:
HP 430 Psychology of Sport 3
HP 360 Gender and Diversity Issues 3

Electives: 5 Hours

Standard Courses:
Choose one course from this list:
HP 250 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (P rereq: BIO221 or HP230) 3
HP/CHS 351 Christian Coaching 3
HP 355 Stress Management 3
HP 375 Current Issues and Trends in Sport 3
HP 415 Ethics in Sport 3
HP 444 Sport Policy and Governance 3
HP 480 Special Topics 3

Coaching Courses:
Choose one course from this list:
HP 312 Coaching Theory of Baseball 2
HP 322 Coaching Theory of Basketball 2
HP 335 Coaching Theory of Volleyball 2
HP 342 Coaching Theory of Football 2
HP 345 Coaching Theory of Softball 2
HP 354 Coaching Theory of Soccer 2
HP 365 Coaching Theory of Tennis 2

Professional Education Courses: 33 Hours

Take each course on this list:
ED 199 Entry to Teacher Preparation 0
ED 220 Introduction to Education 3
ED 300 Human Development and Learning Theory 3
ED 310 Instructional Technology 3
ED 325 Teaching Diverse Learners 3
ED 359 Content Literacy 3
ED 390 Assessment and Instructional Strategies 3
ED 414 Classroom Management 3
ED 450 Student Teaching 12