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Justice Studies

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Further your knowledge of the law, criminology, and victimology with Campbellsville University’s online Master of Science in Justice Studies.

Find new opportunities in the field of criminal justice with a curriculum rooted in ethical, Christian teaching practices and an emphasis on social justice issues, taught by faculty members with practical field experience. Choose from tracks in either criminology or public service leadership and social justice, so you can specialize your education to fit your career goals. At Campbellsville, you will learn the skills you need to advance your career within criminal justice and how to apply your knowledge of the law to the real world.

Courses Offered at: Louisville Online

Justice Studies Degrees


Course Offerings

This program includes a set of professional core courses that totals 15 credits, two 18-credit tracks and 3 credit hours of elective experience.

Core Curriculum (15 credit hours)
JS 500 – Leadership in a Diverse Society
CJ 562 – Research Methods
CJ 544 – Introduction to Statistics
CJ 525 – Social Stratification
JS 505 – Ethics and Leadership in Criminal Justice Organizations

Criminology Track (18 credit hours)
JS 510 – Advanced Research Methods for Criminology
JS 520 – Contemporary Issues in Criminology
JS 530 – Advanced Criminology Theory
JS 600 – Applied Thesis I
JS 601 – Applied Thesis II

Public Service Leadership and Social Justice Track (18 credit hours)
BA 617 – Organizational Leadership
JS 518 – Criminal Justice in a Diverse Society
JS 520 – Theories of Community and Social Change
JS 525 – Research Methods for Community Change
JS 610* – Thesis I and Thesis II
JS 611* – Program Evaluation I and II
*Choose one of these options.

Electives (3 credit hours)
BA 620 – Finance Management
BA 614 – Human Resources
CJ 450 – Victimology
CJ 485 – Serial Killers
JS 620 – Seminar in Criminal Justice
JS 625 – Policing and Immigration
SOC 342 – Race and Ethnic Relations
JS 630 – Crime Control and Environmental Design
SOC 413 – Deviance
SOC 415 – Family Violence
POL 431 – Civil Liberties
SWK 615 – World Problems and Advocacy

Real-World Preparation

Through our online justice studies program, you will develop a strong foundation in the principles and concepts of criminal and social justice. There are a number of benefits students receive from the quality instruction Campbellsville University offers, including:

  • Online format
  • Tracks available in Criminology or Public Service Leadership and Social Justice
  • Competitive, affordable tuition
  • Instruction from faculty with real-world experience

How to Apply

The Campbellsville University admissions program is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to begin your journey:

  1. Submit a completed application.
  2. Submit an official transcript (containing a complete record of all courses attempted) from each college or university attended.
  3. If GPA is lower than 2.75, GRE and/or interview may be required.
  4. Submit letter of intent indicating reason for applying and future goals.

Careers in Justice Studies

  • Lawyer and Judge
  • Police Officer
  • Private Detective or Investigator
  • Agent in the CIA, FBI, ICE, Secret Service
  • U.S. Marshal
  • Air Marshal
  • Bailiff
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Blood Spatter Analyst
  • Forensics Investigator
  • Correctional Officer
  • Probation Officer
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