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Pre-Health Professional Programs

The health profession programs listed here are not offered by Campbellsville University, but students may come to Campbellsville University to prepare for one of them, thus these are called pre-health professional programs. Graduate health professional programs do not require a particular major. They do require a specific set of courses and, in some cases, the knowledge to do well on a specialized exam, such as the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). The information below describes some of these programs and their requirements.

To have the most overlap between the requirements of health professional programs and the graduation requirements of Campbellsville University, students usually major in biology or chemistry. In a couple of cases, CU has an agreement with a graduate health profession program for one or two CU graduates per year to receive admissions preference.

Courses Offered at:
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Pre-Health Professional Programs Degrees


Undergraduate Level

A student takes 2-3 years of classes at CU then finishes elsewhere.


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Pre-Medical Technology

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Graduate Level


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Pre-Physical Therapy

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