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Spanish Minor

“I have worked on a Spanish minor, knowing it could be useful going into the education field. This is especially helpful in my hometown, which is where I hope to teach one day. As I have been student teaching, my Spanish minor has come in handy. I am going to be working with a kindergarten student that is fluent in Spanish, and knows very little English. This has been a great opportunity to put my minor in action. This will impact my ability to communicate with a student that would be struggling in the classroom.”

– Amber Jinnett, Spanish Minor

Course Offerings

Spanish Minor: 21 Hours

Core Courses: 12 Hours
Take each course on this list:
SPA 111 Elementary Spanish I 3
SPA 112 Elementary Spanish II 3
SPA 211 Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPA 212 Intermediate Spanish II 3

Required Courses: 3 Hours
Choose one courses from this list:
SPA 310 Reading and Culture 3
SPA 315 Advanced Conversational Spanish 3
SPA 320 Introduction to Literary Analysis 3

Elective Courses: 6 Hours
Choose two courses from this list:
SPA 331 Spanish Civilization and Culture 3
SPA 332 Latin American Civilization and Culture 3
SPA 370 Hispanic Cinema and Cultures 3
SPA 375 Advanced Grammar and Composition 3
SPA 380/480 Special Topics 3
SPA 390/490 Independent Study 3
SPA 410 Survey of Spanish Literature 3
SPA 415 Survey of Latin American Literature 3

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