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Audition Information

Please prepare a 60 second monologue for your audition.

Auditions are at the Russ Mobley Theater.

Auditions for Macbeth and Secret Garden will be March 19 and 20 from 6-8pm. Callbacks for Macbeth will be the 21st at 6pm. Callbacks for Secret Garden will be the 22nd at 6pm.


Call (270) 789-5266 or email

Rules of the Audition

  1. Come prepared; song and/or monologue memorized, dressed appropriately, having practiced your audition material before we see it.
  2. Choose audition material that is in the style of show you are auditing for. No rock ballads when auditioning for 1950s Gershwin, and no monologues from Buffy the Vampire Slayer when auditioning for Romeo and Juliet. Choose your material wisely.
  3. Besides talent, your audition is about the impression you make. We want to work with genuine people who have a positive attitude.
  4. Don’t be late. In fact, show up early and be prepared to stay late. Being in a production is a time-consuming endeavor. We want to know you can manage your time from the moment we first meet you.
  5. An accompanist is provided when auditioning for a musical. Bring sheet music and ensure that your music is in the key you are singing.
  6. When cold-reading material provided for you by the director, make choices and show us your diversity in personality. We are not assessing your memory or your ability to read. We want to see that you think creatively.
  7. There is no need to show up for an audition wearing a costume.
  8. Understand that if you do not get the part, it’s not because you’ve done something terribly wrong. Someone else simply fit the part better. Let it go and come back next time!
  9. There is never a need to put yourself down or apologize in an audition situation. Do your best with confidence.
  10. Have fun!! When you have fun, we have fun. All directors want to work with fun people!