Anna Lee Webb

Artist Biography

Anna Webb is an artist and writer living in Magnolia, Kentucky.

Her work encompases a variety of forms such as traditional art, graphics, fiction, film, doll photography and costuming. Anna’s passion lies in people and their individual aura and dynamics she knows is made uniquely by God. She will graduate from Campbellsville University in May of 2022. Her future plans is in God’s hands as she keeps her faith, creativity, and family close to her.




Artist Statement

I’m the youngest of three, and I’ve spent most of my life observing. Whether it was watching TV, my family, or people at the store, I was fascinated with people and what they did and what they thought. I wanted to understand them. When I got so deep into the aura of a person, I would often be compelled to make something of it. From my infatuation with people, grew my passion for portraiture and character creating. This all turned into my desire for film, novel writing.

I’m also inspired by Asian cultures such as Korean and Chinese. One of my favorite pieces in my show is The King’s Robes that is based on these cultures. This piece represents both my inspiration and passion in one. I’ve always enjoyed designing dolls and making their clothes, as well as Korea’s rich history. I plan to create more doll designs in the future.

However, as God has made me an excessive person, I don’t believe it’s my style to stay in one medium or career. This is the reason why my gallery has a variety of mediums. Instead of spending all four years focused on one thing, I practiced with different art forms. Variety seems to be the only way to satisfy my creative side. Having the ability to create something out of little to nothing evokes an astounding wonder as it can only be magnified when looking at our Heavenly Father.

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