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CU’s reputation of being one of the South’s leading Christian universities has spread. We invite you to experience this first hand by becoming a Tiger.

Find your calling today!

Students who have attended other colleges or universities and desire to obtain a degree from Campbellsville University need to take certain steps in order to transfer, which starts with applying.

If you’ve received a bachelor’s degree at CU or another institution and would like to continue your education with a master’s degree, choose

  1. Undergraduate and Graduate.
  2. ESL, for students wanting to learn English as a Second Language.
  3. IELP, a residential study focused on developing English skills and exposure to American university academic content and culture.
Qualifying high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are being taught college level material by qualified teachers may earn college credit while at the same time earning high school credit in their high school class. Acceptance into this program is based on academic achievement.
This program is open to transfers and first-time college freshmen aged at least 23 years of age. This program enables a student to obtain an Associate’s degree in General Studies, ECE – Early Childhood Education (this program does not lead to teaching licensure) or a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management or ECE.
The Doctor of Philosophy in Management (Ph.D.) program enables students to earn a doctoral degree related to the business or technology field at a Christ-centered institution.
Our cosmetology school trains you with real-world knowledge so you can obtain a license to work in a spa, salon, or other beauty-related company. Whether you want to become a hair stylist, makeup artist, salon owner or esthetician, CU provides the wisdom and experience to enter this creative, personable industry.
The Campbellsville University Allied Health Program is designed to help those interested in pursuing a career in the medical field by offering specialized and in-demand certificate programs.

As the only faith-based barbering program in Kentucky, Campbellsville University’s School of Barbering teaches students attractiveness on the inside AND the outside. If you enjoy working with people and love working with hair and skincare, you can turn your interests into a rewarding career.