April Webb

April Webb is an artist, designer, miniaturist, and writer from LaRue county Kentucky. Webb dabbles in traditional arts such as charcoal drawings, and digital pieces such as food labels, books, and café menus. She also makes miniature food, and packaging, from polymer clay and other materials.

Webb graduated from Campbellsville University as an Art major with Graphic Design Emphasis degree and a minor in Film.




Artist Statement

Ever since my mother introduced me to a pen and a paintbrush, I’ve been creating. As a designer, I’m inspired to turn out numerous projects, but I mostly enjoy designing album covers, logos, and food labels. Even the miniature packaging for my mini food is designed through Adobe Illustrator.

A lot of my artwork revolves around food. Perplexing still, I’ve always had this obsession with food and the desire to make it out of something inedible. I’ve been making miniature foods out of polymer clay for seven years. I get a lot of joy out of making them, but I also love seeing people’s expressions when they see them. They have to get up close to observe and handle it carefully.

I’m heavily inspired by Korean culture, Kdrama, and specifically Kpop. Some of my works are direct representations of Korean culture while others only dabble in the form. The reasonable amount of sewing reflects my knowledge of the culture as well as many other pieces. As a filmmaker and scriptwriter, it was always my inspiration and goal to make the plots and characters as intricate and sagacious as possible.

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