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Modern Foreign Language

See the undergraduate catalog link under Program Resources for core and emphasis requirements, general education requirements, electives and course descriptions.

The Division of Humanities offers a minor in Spanish and provides elementary and intermediate courses in French, German, and Russian, as well as courses in French, German, Russian, and Spanish cultures.


General Education Options

Modern language cultural courses will meet various General Education requirements. Refer to the General Education course listings beginning on page 58 of this bulletin-catalog.


Advanced Placement in Foreign Language

Students with high school foreign language credit should consult the modern foreign language faculty to seek advanced placement. Students may receive credit in one or more modern foreign languages on the basis of demonstrated proficiency.


Foreign Language Requirement for the Bachelor of Arts Degree

To qualify for a Bachelor of Arts degree, students must complete at least twelve hours in modern foreign language courses. Four three-hour courses in one language or two three-hour courses in each of two languages will fulfill the requirement. The foreign culture courses numbered 101 do not count toward this requirement.


Waiver of the Foreign Language Requirement

The foreign language requirement will be waived for students whose native language is not English.



Determination of Proficiency and Eligibility for Waiver

The foreign language faculty will use tests to determine whether a student has attained proficiency in a foreign language and whether a student is eligible for waiver of or exemption from the foreign language requirement.