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Spanish Study Abroad

Experience the life in other country studying abroad. It will be an unforgettable experience that will help you not only to learn the language but also about their culture and lifestyle. This encounter will change your life and help you grow as a person. This experience can’t be teach on a textbook you need to live it.

Imagine Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, and Buenos Aires…the Alps, Andes, Himalayas, and Kilimanjaro…Greek, Roman, Mayan, and Ming civilizations…Christian, Islamic, Jewish, and Buddhist traditions…and so much more.

24 high-quality, low-cost Summer study abroad programs (4-5 weeks in length) in Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, and Latin America and Semester programs in Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, and Spain.

My experience in Spain was wonderful! I loved being able to experience firsthand the culture, food and people. The city that we stayed at Segovia was beautiful. I feel that being with a host family also helped me to learn about the culture.   We got to go to many places Toledo, Madrid, Salamanca, Avila and during the long weekend I went to Barcelona. I would recommend this program to everyone. – Jessica Egbert, Segovia, summer 2013


I went to Spain expecting to learn some Spanish and experience a different culture, but I was blown away with the realization that I was not only experiencing the culture but living it as part of my everyday life.  Studying abroad is more than just taking classes; it’s looking at the world from a different perspective and seeing that the world is much bigger than the small place you came from.  As I went to class every day I walked past the Roman aqueduct in Segovia that was over 2000 years old.  The U.S doesn’t even have a history over 300 years.  I was able to visit several major cities in Spain and see the differences in each city and the difference between the U.S and Spain.  I highly recommend studying abroad for anyone, even though it may be cliché, it really is a life changing experience. – Andrew Simmons, Segovia, summer 2013