Averie Rice

Artist Biography

Averie rice is a multi-disciplinary creative focusing on graphic design and photography. She combines these two passions with her interest in business- specifically with brand design.

She was born and raised in Owensboro, KY where her passion for the arts began. Rice will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Area with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Upon her graduation, Rice will continue in these passions by intentionally creating art for customers.





Artist Statement

It has always been fascinating to me the power that art hold. As a creator, being able to use art to express the deepest emotions and give something visual a voice is my passion I serve as a multi-disciplinary creative. Graphic design has been something that has interested me to use my creativity to give people a voice in an aesthetic way.

Craftsmanship, intentionality, and meaning are all important to me when producing art. My purpose in creating art is to always create something more than what meets the eye. Art that not only captures the attention of the people it was designed for but also something pleasing to the general public as well.

Although my focus is graphic design, my work in photography has been something very special to me. My deep love for memories and nostalgia has inclined me to want to document moments in time that we can never get back. My desire is that my art acts as an encouragement to viewers and as a sentimental product to its owners by capturing the core memory that can last forever and creating artworks that are designed uniquely for a customer.

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