WHAT: CU AWAY is a May summer term experience where students travel with faculty to key destinations in the US to learn up-close and personal.

WHEN: All CU AWAY courses will be during the May 2020 summer term.  Course work includes travel and post-trip activity online.


MAC 380 Media in America
Key Locations:  Washington, D.C.
Take advantage of a hands-on opportunity to learn about the evolution of the American media.  The experience includes visits to national museums, meetings with professional broadcasters, and the chance to meet with PR representatives for U.S. government officials.   Participant work will be published in print and online by CU Media.

Length: appx. 11 days

TH 230 Theatre Arts Field Studies *CLOSED*
Key Locations:  New York City, Washington D.C., and others.
May be taken as General Education Credit.   This multi-stop experience helps you learn about theater production by taking you where the action is: professional theatrical performances.  Attend major productions and tour theaters, costume companies, and set construction companies.  Trip highlights include 4 days in New York City.

Length: appx. 12 days

MUS 125 Understanding Music
MUS 221 Music Literature
Key Locations: St. Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis
May be taken as General Education Credit.  The best way to learn about music is to hear it performed in a variety of live venues.  This multi-stop experiences takes students from intimate performances to major concert halls to explore the range of traditional and modern music in America.  Trip highlights include 6 days in Chicago, IL.

Length: appx. 12 Days

ART 432 Studio Problems
Key Locations: Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and others.
Modelled of off the “The Grand Tour,” an art experience once reserved for European elites, this trip will take you around the northeast to visit some of the greatest art in the United States.  Students will use sketches, images, and research conducted in art museums and on-location to build their own portfolio.   Participant work will also be included in a local exhibition.  This course is customizable to the mediums and interests of the student.
Travel Length: appx. 12 days

DEADLINE: March 15, 2020. Students must complete CU AWAY application and register for the individual course during spring registration with an academic advisor.

MORE INFO: Contact Dr. Shawn Williams, CU AWAY Coordinator, at or text CU AWAY to (270) 908-4919.


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