Ayreal Allen

Artist Biography

Ayreal Allen is an interdisciplinary artist based in Campbellsville Kentucky. She primarily works as a digital artist specializing in portraits, character design, illustration, storyboarding, and animation. She also uses a pen and paper as a medium or artmaking as well as for creative writing, one-shots, and poetry.




Artist Statement

I use a mixture of realism and my love for fantasy to create my characters and interesting illustrations. I use this style to reach a larger audience and to broaden the minds of the people who view my art to hopefully inspire them to create. Fantastical, magical, and apocalyptic worlds have always been one of my biggest inspirations for my works of art.

Additionally, I love doing portraits. I can capture the unique qualities and traits of every human just as God intended it to be. Also with these skills, I am able to give a glimpse of someone’s lost loved one when they need it. Doing portraits also gives me the option of taking my characters and creating them how I envisioned tying back into my love for character design and illustration.

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