Lisa Allen

Dr. Lisa Allen

Dean of the School of Education & Professor of Education
Main Campus
Education Building

Dr. Lisa Allen (Ed. D. Instruction and Administration, University of Kentucky) has been faculty at Campbellsville University since 2011. Currently she is the dean of the School of Education and a professor of education in the school counseling program. Since coming to CU, she has also served as the chair of the graduate program and the associate dean for the School of Education during which time she led in the development of the school counseling and administrator programs. Prior to her time at CU, Lisa served as an English teacher and school counselor at Nelson County High School in Bardstown, Kentucky for 22 years.

Lisa’s current research interests involve Grow Your Own certification programs for teacher and administrator certifications. She is leading a longitudinal study about the GYO programs at CU looking at how they may reduce barriers for women and people of color advancing into administrator positions in their schools and districts.

During her tenure at CU, she collaborated on the following publications:

Hundley, S., Allen, L., and Snyder, T. (2015). Creating culturally relevant teachers: Influences from a Mayan primary school in Belize. The Online Journal of
Counseling and Education, 4(3), 90-110.

Allen, L. & Spalding, D. (2015). Special educator perspectives on essential school
counselor knowledge and skills. 2015 ACRES Conference Proceedings, 37-40.

Allen, L. & Burns, P. (2014). Trust in administration: How administrators relate to parents of
students with disabilities. The Online Journal of Counseling and Education, 3(4), 64-83.

Allen, L., Schumacher, D., & Spalding, D. (2014). Utilizing the inverted classroom with
undergraduate and graduate students in a teacher education program. 2014 ACRES
Conference Proceedings, 48-50.

Schumacher, D., Spalding, D., Allen, L., and Mattingly, K. (2013). Teaching diverse learners online: Flipped courses and other strategies. 2013 ACRES Conference Proceedings, 46-49.

She has also presented and co-presented at the following conferences:

Creating Culturally Relevant Teachers: Influences from a Mayan Primary School in Belize (Paper Presentation)
Critical Questions in Education Conference, February, 2015, San Diego, CA
Critical Questions in Education Conference, October, 2014, Louisville, KY

Special Educator Perspectives on Essential School Counselor Knowledge and Skills
American Council on Rural Special Education (ACRES) Conference, March 2015, New Orleans, LA

Utilizing the Inverted Classroom with Undergraduate and Graduate Students in a Teacher Education Program
American Council on Rural Special Education (ACRES) Conference, March, 2014, Tucson, AZ

Teaching Diverse Learners Online: Flipped Courses and Other Strategies
Kentucky Council for Administrators of Special Education (KYCASE), March, 2013, Louisville, KY
American Council on Rural Special Education (ACRES) Conference, March, 2013, Orlando, FL
Kentucky Council for Exceptional Children (KYCEC) Conference, November, 2012, Louisville, KY

Trust in Administration: Elementary School Principal Behaviors that Foster Trusting Relationships with the Parents of Students with Special Learning Needs (Paper Presentation)
Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Conference, April, 2013, San Antonio, TX.

Work in Progress (with Dr. Joseph Wallace and Dr. Franklin Thomas): Grow Your Own Programs: An Opportunity for Universities and School Districts to Collaborate and Reshape Principal Preparation
Committees: Kentucky Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (KACTE), board member; Kentucky Department of Education Quality Curriculum Task Force; CU Graduate Council, Chair; CU Administrative Council, CU Dean’s Council, CU Education Abroad Committee, CU Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning Committee; SOE Administrator Programs Advisory Council, chair; SOE Leadership Team, SOE Diversity Committee, SOE CAEP Standard 3 Committee, SOE Anti-Bias Committee; Taylor County 21st Century Grant Advisory Council, CKEC Option 7 Advisory Council, Nelson County Option 7 Advisory Council

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