Dr. Vincent Scovetta

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Main Campus
Carter Hall
207 A

Dr. Scovetta is the Lead Computer Science Professor (Associate Professor, Tenured) at Campbellsville University. He instructs a number of Graduate and Undergraduate Computer Science courses. He is engaged with the Kentucky business community to ensure graduating students have the necessary technical skills required of a fast-paced technological society. Dr. Scovetta also provides outreach support to high schools encouraging students to learn about Computer Science and Robotics. He is the mentor for the Google supported “Google Developer Student Club”. In 2019, Dr. Scovetta directed and instructed a “Bot Camp” summer event that included a number of high school juniors and seniors. Supported by the SBET faculty; the weeklong study event included the creation of a vehicle capable of controlled and autonomous navigation.

Plans for 2020 and 2021 were interrupted by the various mutations of Covid-19. His present strategic plans include:
• the creation of a new AS/CS program;
• the updating of our CS Minor;
• the creation of a new BS/CS class CS/3xx Comparative Programming Languages substituting for CS380 (Systems Analysis & Design II);
• the pursuit of National Science Foundation Grant (NSF22-517 – $400,000 – $500,000;
• the creation of a “Bot Camp II” summer event that included a number of high school juniors and seniors;
• Bringing a first time TEDx event to CU;
• continue to work with local K-12 schools in Campbellsville and surrounding counties in order to promote the study of Computer Science.

Prior to Joining Campbellsville University, he was an Associate Professor at Long Island responsible for instructing many of the BS/CS and MS/CIS courses. During his tenure at LIU, Dr Scovetta brought TEDx and similar events as well as introducing new courses.

Prior to joining academia, Dr. Scovetta held the position of VP Product Management (aka: Product Owner) at a number of international software research and development corporations where he was responsible for a number of software products and managed a staff of developers, support personnel, technical writers, and quality assurance engineers.

Dr. Scovetta holds two U.S. patents in cross platform communications and software licensing. His research has been published in various peer reviewed journals as well as in scholarly conference reviews. He was the Principal Investigator on two National Science Foundation grants (NSF15-575 and NSF16-580) and was the mini-track co-chair (“Reports from the Field”) for the IEEE Knowledge Innovation and Entrepreneurial Systems track. He received his BS in CS at St. John’s University, MS at LIU, and earned his Ph.D. at Nova Southeastern University. His current research interests include Robotics, IoT & Cyber Security, Knowledge Management Systems, AI & Machine Learning, and Cluster Computing.

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