Student Government Association 

The Student Government Association is a student organization designed to promote student development and provide a voice for the student body. The Campbellsville SGA works in cooperation with the university administration. SGA promotes the dignity of all students, encourages involvement across the campus, and works closely with administration to faitfully advocate for the entirety of the student body.

SGA is responsible for the the Big 4. The big 4 are the four primary events SGA provides for the student body. The Big 4 include: Homecoming, Annual Christmas Tree Lighting, Valentine Pageant, and Spring Formal. For students who are more inclined to wtire proposals or create surveys to raise awareness of student needs, SGA is the outlet to discuss and initiate these changes. There are numerous avenues to become involved in at SGA. For more information or questions please take time to email the SGA email or the sponsor email found below.

SGA Email:

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