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MSW Field Practicum

MSW foundation and advanced level field practicum is a 450-hour internship. A student will demonstrate social work skills and behaviors in a practicum placement as well as participate in a set of four sequential 8-week courses. In the courses, students illustrate through written assignments the progression of their learning by integrating practicum activities and the 9 social work core competencies. Here is a bulleted overview of the MSW field practicum(s):

Field Practicum: Internship and Course

  • A 450-hour internship with specific learning plan activities focused on social work core competencies
  • Students are expected to practice social work skills and behaviors at a Field Agency approximately 15 hours per week
  • The internship is taken over the span of four 8-week graduate terms or 32 academic weeks
  • Students are placed at a Field Agency meeting the qualifications by the Council on Social Work Education
  • Students practice under the supervision of an MSW Field Supervisor employed by a Field Agency
  • Students create a Learning Plan of activities and practice social work skills and behaviors throughout the four 8-week courses
  • The courses focus on logs and written assignments illustrating mastery of the social work competencies
  • Students are guided by a faculty field liaison/instructor throughout the field courses
  • MSW Field Supervisor evaluates the student on the level of progress and proficiency of demonstrated skills and behaviors

The Field Orientation and Steps to Secure Placement are located below.

Field Placement Deadlines and Student Placement Agreement

Field Placement Deadline

Student Placement Agreement

Review the MSW Field Orientation

This online field orientation is MANDATORY for all MSW students.

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MSW Field Practicum Manual

Instructions for Intern Placement Tracking System (IPT)

The Carver School of Social Work at Campbellsville University uses a web-based data management system called Intern Placement Tracking (IPT) as a means to track all students in field placement. IPT also has further benefits.

The IPT system allows the Carver School Social Work Field Education Office and field agencies to communicate more easily with each other and with students participating in field education. Because of this, it is essential for students to keep all information current.

How to use IPT

This is the link to the IPT website Login page.

  • The Carver School Organization ID is cssw
  • Please view the PowerPoint for instructions for accessing your account in IPT
  • All field instructors and students will be supplied a unique User Name and Password before they can log in; this will be sent by the field team.
  • Please note that the login information is UPPER/lower case sensitive!
  • Please refer to the IPT tutorials below for more information on getting started.

If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Houk, assessment coordinator, at or (270) 789-5350.

IPT Tutorials

Below are three tutorials that provide a brief overview of Intern Placement Tracking (IPT), our data management system. Each one is specific for your role with the School. Please review the tutorial appropriate for you. If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Houk, assessment coordinator, at or (270) 789-5350.

You may also want to take a look at answers to Frequently Asked Questions about IPT.

These presentations require Adobe Flash to view and may not be supported by iOS, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

    • For Students

  • For Field Supervisors

  • For Field Instructors (Coming Soon)

Benefits of IPT

The web-based Internet Placement Tracking data management system maintains and reports information about field placement agencies, supervisors, and students, and tracks student assignments from semester to semester and historically. A strong feature of IPT is access to online documents such as learning agreements and student evaluations, which are completed and stored online. In addition, IPT:

  • Provides the School with a paperless solution for tracking and archiving
  • Facilitates communication with students, field instructors, and liaisons
  • Allows students to research potential field placement opportunities
  • Eliminates paperwork and provides the student easy access to their field placement information
  • Allows agencies to describe learning opportunities in order to match students in ideal learning environments
  • Provides field instructors with a resource to easily access student information
  • Allows field instructors access to all required documents in a paperless system
  • Increases communication between the School and field agencies
Apply for NASW Student Membership and Liability Insurance

NASW Student Membership Application

Student Malpractice Liability Insurance Online Application

Ensure you have purchased NASW Membership and Insurance 30 days before your field placement begins. You will upload these documents in the first week of your field course.

Field Supervisor Information