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Export Grades

At the end of the semester or bi-term, would you like to keep a backup of your Moodle gradebook on your computer? You can easily download your entire Moodle gradebook […]

Recycle Bin

What are your options if you delete an assignment or other element from your Moodle course shell, but later decide that you need it? You may access the Recycle Bin […]

Using Rubrics in Moodle and Turnitin

Do you use rubrics in grading papers or other assignments? If so, you may want to explore the use of rubrics in Moodle and Turnitin. When you create an assignment […]

Using Course Completion

You may use Course Completion functions to track student activity and completion of assignments. To use Course Completion, first enable it in your course by going to Administration > Course Administration […]

Using Restrict Access

A separate Moodle Resource article introduces Activity Completion in Moodle. Another way to manage student progress through your courses is by using Restrict Access. Instructors can restrict access to any activity in […]

Using Activity Completion

Would you like for students to be able to track their completion of the activities and assignments in your course? When activity completion is enabled, checkboxes will appear for students […]

Adding Files

Many of us post files to our course to provide additional resources to students.  A Powerpoint file, Word document, or any other file type can be easily uploaded to your […]

Importing Course Material

Do you have course material you developed from last semester’s course that you want to bring into your current course? You can copy a few assignments or the entire content […]

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