Gradebook Setup – Aggregation Methods

When setting up a course and creating the gradebook (click on Gradebook Setup in the Administration block), one has to choose an “aggregation method” for the overall course grades folder, and also for each category folder that you may choose to create. To set the aggregation method, click on the Edit drop-down menu in the category’s row, and select Edit Settings.

Many CU professors use the “points method,” establishing a total number of points for the course and assigning appropriate point values for each graded item. If this is the case, make sure that the main course grades folder and all category folders are set to Natural (which is the default setting).

There are other options, however. Another common method used by instructors is to create categories and assign the percent each category contributes to the final grade. In this case, instructors will likely want to set
the main course grades folder to Weighted Mean of Grades and each category folder to Mean of Grades. Then simply enter each category’s weight in the box in the Weights column, scroll to the bottom of the page
and click Save Changes.

For more information about common aggregation methods, see the Learning House Knowlegebase article here.

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