COVID-19/Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

The health and safety of our students and employees are paramount. The CU Ready Plan has laid a foundation for safely returning to in- person instruction, but we will remain vigilant as the semester begins. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and change, creating the need to adapt quickly and decisively as we face new challenges. Therefore, we expect this document will be a living document to address the unforeseen obstacles we may face in the coming months. Any updates or revisions to this document will be communicated to all students and employees through email notification. Please monitor your email on a regular basis to ensure you are familiar with the most up-to-date policies.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Fall 2020.


What are the Fall 2020 semester calendar dates?

Aug. 21 On-campus staggered residence hall move-in and meal service begins
Sept. 3 Instruction begins remotely
Sept. 8 Face-to-Face instruction begins
Oct. 17 End of first Bi-term courses
Oct. 19 Start of second Bi-term courses
Nov. 24 Face-to-Face instruction stops
Nov. 25 Thanksgiving holiday begins
Nov. 30 Instruction resumes via remote technology
Dec. 7-Dec. 11 Final exams online


There are several programs and locations that may have other start and stop dates and we would suggest you consult with your academic advisory for specifics.

Does the CU Ready Plan apply to all CU locations?
Yes, the CU Ready Plan was assembled to provide guidance to all CU students and employees at all CU locations.  Each location may also communicate requirements and policies that are unique to their specific location.

Who must be tested for COVID-19?

Student COVID-19 Testing

Campbellsville University expects that all students be tested for COVID-19 ONE WEEK before their arrival, where practical. Test results should be sent to this email address:

Any students who are unable to be tested before arrival will be required to be tested once they arrive, before being cleared to attend classes or other campus related events. Once documentation of a “negative” COVID-19 test is submitted, participation in classes and other related University events may begin.

Employee COVID-19 Testing

Campbellsville University expects that all faculty, staff, and coaches be tested or COVID-19 prior to the beginning of the all academic semester where practical. Any CU employee unable to be tested prior to the all academic semester should consult with their respective supervisor immediately. All test results should be sent in email to this email address:

How can I monitor news about COVID-19 from a trusted source?
What can I do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages the use of proactive measures to help stop the spread of illnesses.  Information and guidance can be found at

Where and when should I wear a mask?

  • Facial coverings must be worn by faculty, staff, students, coaches, vendors, contractors, and visitors.
  • Facial coverings must be worn at all times on campus except while eating or while alone in a private room such as a personal office or residence hall room. Facial coverings will not be required while exercising outdoors, as long as there is proper social distancing and no grouping with others.
  • Facial coverings must cover the nose, mouth, and chin.
  • As the University expands its on-campus activities, CU is providing each employee who works on the campus and each enrolled student with a reusable facial covering or disposable mask.
  • Individuals may also choose to make or purchase a facial covering for their use while on campus.

What do I do if I feel sick?
If you feel sick or if you believe you may have been exposed to or are infected with COVID-19, you should call your doctor or primary care physician immediately. Before you go to a clinic, doctor’s office or emergency room, call ahead to the state hotline (1.800.722.5725) or your local healthcare provider to tell them about your symptoms and concerns. Go to for information on what to do if you think you are sick.
How do I go about getting a COVID-19 test?
CU has partnered with Taylor Regional Hospital to offer COVID-19 testing. There is a standing appointment for any CU employee or student at the Taylor Regional Hospital lab. Any fees associated with COVID-19 testing for CU employees is

covered in full by CU’s employer-provided health insurance through Humana.

Students are also covered by a standing doctor’s order, and the student will be responsible for any test related costs not covered by their insurance.

Taylor Regional Hospital also has a Drive-Thru testing 8am – 10amWalk-In Clinic that offers walk-in COVID-19 testing is from 10am – 7pm Monday thru Friday. The Walk-in Clinic is located at 67 Kingswood Drive, Campbellsville, KY Phone: (270) 849-2379.

The Tiger Clinic is located on the main campus and will also be available for COVID-19 testing. Call (270) 789-6112 to schedule a test or for other health related concerns.

You may also consider contacting your personal physician or local health department as to where you can obtain COVID-19 testing.

Test results should be uploaded to the CU mobile app or here if you do not have the mobil app.

Are information technology resources available?
IT Support will be available. Users should seek support via email at:
What if problems are experienced with Moodle or the online management system?


Karen Smith, online operations coordinator, at:


Phone: (270) 789-5518

Support Hours (all times are Eastern Daylight Saving Time)

  • Monday – Friday: 8 a.m.- 5 m. EDT

How is the university monitoring COVID-19 developments?
A university team is closely monitoring the latest recommendations from the CDC and Kentucky Department for Public Health.

Protocols have been developed in conjunction with the Office of Student Services (270) 789-5005 to limit potential exposure and to provide information regarding personal prevention measures that can be taken.  

The university is also working to lessen the spread of illness through enhanced cleaning and disinfection of high-touch areas.

[sawcon title="What about campus events?"]

Large events (since this definition and guidance are changing regularly, large events will be defined as fall 2020 begins) significantly increase the risk of transmission of COVID-19. Therefore, decisions that would entail large gatherings must be approved in advance and will be closely evaluated.

An emphasis on outdoor events will occur with appropriate social distancing and adherence to all safety and health guidelines across the University’s campuses and facilities, as outdoor events reduce the risks of viral transmission.


The University will continue to determine which events and meetings can be changed to virtual events.

Events that occur on CU campuses, or are officially approved events, will meet all safety and health guidelines, including, but not limited to, group and individual visits to campus. These guidelines are also strongly recommended for any off-campus student social event.

Capacity and social distancing measures will be determined, using all state and federal health guidelines, for future on-campus events.

All events must be authorized and approved by area Vice Presidents before announcement of any events are made public.

Is commencement canceled?

In lieu of a traditional commencement ceremony, you are invited to join us for a Graduation Recognition Day, 12 Noon – 4:00 p.m., Friday, August 28, 2020.  This will be a “come and go” event at Betty Dobbins Heilman Student Wellness Center where you will ceremoniously become a CU graduate.  You will be photographed and can see your faculty and friends “mask to mask”. We ask you and your guests to practice social distancing and wear face masks when in the presence of others. Please arrive at the wellness center at any time between noon and 4pm.

Wear your cap and gown for your official photograph. Family and friends may join you in your photo as social distance will allow. You will receive your graduation program, diploma cover and some special gifts. This will be your first event among fellow alumni. You do not need to reapply for graduation or contact us to be put in the graduation program.

Main Campus

Will residence halls remain open?

Residence halls will remain open for students with special circumstances requiring them to remain on campus.  Communication has been sent to ALL residential students describing the process for leaving and for remaining.  Students should check their student email.  If you are a resident student and have not received this communication, please contact your RD.

Will the Betty Dobbins Heilman Student Wellness Center be open?

The Campbellsville University Betty Dobbins Heillman Student wellness center will remain closed to non-University visitors for fall 2020, i.e. only current students, faculty, coaches, and staff may use the facilities with a CU identification card.

Will the Student Activity Center (SAC) be open?

For fall 2020, classes will get priority over any open recreation area and or event.

The Campbellsville University Student Activities staff will limit people in the buildings, implement regular disinfection, and follow Safety and Health Reopening Plan guidelines.  Any CU sponsored activities and events will follow state and federal guidelines for attendance specifications.

For further questions:

  • For course information: email your instructor
  • For advising: email your current advisor
  • For Financial Aid: email
  • For Residence Life questions: contact Rusty Watkins at

Will university food services remain open?

Flanagan Technology Training Center

Certificate Face-to-Face Programs

While most certificate programs require face-to-face instruction, we have made online training accessible for many programs. Faculty and staff will be in constant contact with all students to communicate all available options.

What about my financial aid/VA benefits? Will they be affected?

Financial aid will not be affected. Alternate instruction should allow you to continue instruction. Students will need to contact the VA to receive any answers concerning benefits.

How will my attendance/theory grades be affected?

Due to the uniqueness of each program, please contact your instructor for details on completing your studies.

For a student wishing to continue to receive some form of instruction, what would their curriculum consist of ensuring they continue to receive a quality education?

Instructors will be offering an alternative customized curriculum of “business and salon ownership” during this time.

Conover Education Center- Harrodsburg, Ky.

Will residence halls remain open?

Residence halls will remain open for students with special circumstances requiring them to remain on campus.  Communication has been sent to ALL residential students describing the process for leaving and for remaining.  Students should check their student email.  If you are a resident student and have not received this communication, please contact your RD.

Will dining services remain open?

The dining hall in the Harrod will continue to be open with normal hours of operation for carry-out only.

Will the student shuttle continue to operate?

The student shuttle will be operated on an as-needed basis. Students may call the shuttle phone at (859) 612-1141 to request a ride to any location of the Conover Education Center.

Will the athletic complex be open?

The athletic complex is closed until further notice.

All athletic team practices, events and team/open study hall hours will cease until further notice.

For more information:

Will technology resources be available?

The computer lab in the Whitaker Family Student Center will be open between 9am and 5pm, Monday – Friday. Computer workstations in the dormitories will continue to be available for residential students. Students are asked to observe healthy social distancing and follow all proactive measures to help stop the spread of illnesses.

Louisville Education Center- Louisville, Ky.

Will the Louisville Education Center be open?

The Louisville Education Center is operational during normal business hours with remote assistance available.

Will technology resources be available?

Laptop computers and all technology labs will be made available upon request for students who need to complete assignments during office hours.  Evening hours can be scheduled by contacting the center.

For more information:

  • For course information: email your instructor

Noe Education Center- Somerset, Ky.

Will the Noe Education Center be open?

The Noe Education Center/CU Somerset is operating remotely during normal business hours.

This is in an effort to maintain the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff.

Contact information is listed below.

For more information about Campbellsville University Somerset-

To learn more about the programs and opportunities CU Somerset offers, contact-

Noah Duncan   (606)451-8474 ext. 7011

Will technology resources be available?

The Computer Lab will be open until 8 p.m. Monday-Thursday.

If you need use of the computers after the posted hours, please contact the staff at the Noe Education Center.

Are academic support and tutoring services available?

Contact the Noe Education Center if you need academic assistance at (606) 451-8474.

Justin Howard, Course Embedded Counselor

Noah Duncan, Academic Support

For more information:

Liberty Education Center- Liberty, Ky.

Will the Liberty Center be open?

The Liberty Center will be operational but closed to public access.  Students who need to access technology may contact Halee Coleman at to schedule appointment.

Will technology resources be available?

Yes, computers and internet access will be available for students by appointment only.  Please contact Halee Coleman at to schedule appointments.

For more information:

Contact Halee Coleman at

Los Angeles Education Center- Chatsworth, Ca.

Will the center be open?

The LAEC will remain operational.  Offices are closed.  Contact Randy Christopher at for immediate needs.

Will academic support services remain available?

Yes, you may contact Shelly Stee at for academic support.

Will the CalFam Counseling Center remain open?

Yes, the CalFam Counseling Center is closed to public traffic. Telehealth sessions will be used as necessary. Please contact Randy Christopher at for more information.

For more information:

Contact Randy Christopher at