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Director of Special Education Certificate

Campbellsville University’s Director of Special Education (DOSE) program is committed to providing candidates the experiences designed to increase their skills in working with students with disabilities.

The program is designed to empower special education administrators with leadership skills at the district level in designing, implementing, supervising and assessing the provision of special education programs and services to students with disabilities.

To impact student learning positively, candidates will draw on best research, theory, and wisdom to demonstrate commitment to education, and to their belief that ALL learners of all ages and abilities can be educated.

This program is also available in a 100% online format. Learn more about Campbellsville University’s online Rank I Director of Special Education.

Core requirements are:

  • Level I certification – 18 hours, including 6 hours education, 12 hours special education;
  • Level II certification – 12 hours with an additional 6 hours for Level II continuation.

Candidates in the DOSE or Rank I/DOSE program would be eligible to obtain a rank change and certification for Director of Special Education, and a pay increase in their individual district (Rank /DOSE candidates only)

Curriculum Map

DOSE Level I Courses (18 hours):

  • ED 701 Planning and Leading School Improvement,
  • ED 703 Ethics and School Governance,
  • SED 710 Finance & Management,
  • SED 711 Administration & Supervision of Special Education,
  • SED 712 Special Education Law,
  • SED 714 Leadership Practicum

DOSE Level II Courses (12 hours):

ED 702 CIA Connections,
SED 715 Seminar: Principles of Conflict Resolution, Two courses in counseling, psychology, or sociology (from list of selected courses)

Two courses for Level II Continuation:

ED 705 Effective Professional Development,
SED 716 Selected Topics in Special Education