Emergency Textbook Assistance

Emergency Textbook Assistance Form

The intention of this fund is to assist students with the cost of textbooks in the event that their financial aid will not cover the cost. We want to eliminate barriers that hinder students from excelling in their course work at Campbellsville University.

The George L. Bagby Fund is a one - time opportunity available to current students who need emergency assistance for books and other expenses. By filling out the form below, students acknowledge that this good faith loan will be returned if and when the student can do so.

Bagby Scholarship Agreement

Campbellsville University is a Trustee in perpetuity of certain funds known and designated as the George L. Bagby Scholarship Fund, the income from which has been determined by the Board of Trustees of Campbellsville University may be used for scholarships to Campbellsville University.


is a student at Campbellsville University and has qualified for funds from the George L. Bagby Scholarship Fund according to rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Trustees.



as a recipient of a George L. Bagby Scholarship, agrees to the following:

  1. To maintain his/her qualifications as a student at Campbellsville University according to the rules and regulations of the institution;
  2. To repay the Bagby Scholarship during his/her lifetime, as and if his/her circumstances shall permit, in the amount granted to the student.

Campbellsville University agrees that repayment of scholarship advancements shall be added to the principal of the George L. Bagby Scholarship Fund and held upon the same terms and conditions as the original legacy. This has been established to aid students to complete their education with a minimum of financial difficulty. This scholarship, when repaid, will generate income to aid future students

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Please attach a photo or document from the CU Barnes and Noble Bookstore with the charges for your textbooks.

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