Farrah Phillips

Artist Biography

Farrah Phillips is a student studying to obrain a degree focused on Graphic Design and finalized as Bahelors in Fine Art. She was raised in Columbia Kentucky with a close-knit family. That contributed to many of the subjects she develops in her artwork. Also further into the subject of her art, her attention was displaced from sports when she received injuries. Here strength would deteriorate indefinitely and she would begin to follow a different path; She would begin to realize some potential in the Fine Arts field. Her first choice for a place to study did not work out well. She did imporve, but not enough to make a career for herself. Her faith pushed her in the direction of Campbellsville University and with that her entire style changed. She grew exponentially as a result of her changes and continues to grow. This has given her a chance to work with clients to hone her skills for a larger audience.


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Artist Statement

I am a senior at Cambellsville University and I am studying to become a designer. I have goals to change peoples perception about mundane objects and scenarios and turning them into something more relatable and beautiful. My interests pushed me to the further my education in certain subjects. I’m prepared to move onto bigger projects like game design and character design eventually.

The kind of psychology attached to graphic design is what attracted me to reaching my full potential there. When I found out about Campbellsville University it changed my perspective and that made me see the exact potential of my art.

My work is a reflection of my spirit and I hope my audience can see that. I half as much as how I internalize certain aspects of it. The work exhibits my love for animals and the inspiration I gather from my surroundings living in the eastern countryside of Kentucky. Family life doesn’t inspire me as much as the nature and our connections to it do. The humble recognition is seen more in my traditional style work, but I have been able to mold the two of my interests.


Photographs: Ariel Emberton
Video: Derick Johnson;

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