Hailey Robinson

Artist Biography

Hailey Robinson is a student living in Kentucky. Hailey is studying Art and Psychology at Campbellsville University. She combines her interest in both Art and Psychology to create work that engages and promotes expression of mental health. Her work utilizes abstract notions of design to express personal ideas of emotions. After she graduates, she plans on attending graduate school to study Musuem Studies.



Artist Statement

The mind itself is a distracting canvas overfilled with our thoughts and troubles, and as time goes on it gets overused and weathered. These thoughts are made into images as we create. I believe that each piece of art one may make reflects the things they may have trouble using words for. Art, to me, serves as an important vessel of communication, bashing the barrier I often put between me and the world. The subjects within my work often focus on the abstract notion of emotion shown in use of color and line. Shapes become a representation of creatures of worry found in the mind. I strive to use my art to reach out and provide a platform for others who feel like their emotions and thoughts have been suppressed. I want to provide a place of acknowledgement and understanding.