Hunter Sallee

Artist Biography

Hunter Sallee is an artist working in central Kentucky focusing on digital artmaking, and traditional arts including drawing, painting, and printmaking.

Combining his studies in Art & Design and Business Administration, Sallee’s digital work is mainly comprised of logos and advertisements for companies. His interests expand into designing for the music and retail industry.

Sallee will graduate May 2022 from Campbellsville University with an Art Area degree with Graphic Design Emphasis and a Minor in Business Administration. He plans to continue working as a graphic designer and freelancing graphic work




Artist Statement

My work is often related to my own interests and are inspired by various emotions and circumstances that I am experiencing in the moment of creation. Artmaking is an escape, a time where I can let the creative take over. Often when I am creating, I enjoy listening to music. I feel that my connection with the various types of music I listen to while making also enhances the work that I am producing. I use art as a tool to convey emotions and messages that words cannot describe.

When I look at my work, I can picture the time and emotions I felt while I was creating and hope that the viewer can find some emotional value as well. I don’t necessarily believe that the viewer should feel the same way about the artwork that I do, rather have their own connections based on their point of view.

I strive for my works to be authentic. I hope to connect my digital work with my love for music as well and transition into artwork and promotions for the music industry.

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