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Master of Theology

Campbellsville University’s School of Theology currently offers one graduate degree, the Master of Theology (MTh). This fully online or blended (both on campus and online) program seeks to create world changers for Christ — continuing learners who will grow as servant leaders, spiritual entrepreneurs, and passionate evangelicals. The curriculum is built on three primary foundations: a commitment to the kingdom of God, to Christian higher learning, and to the Holy Spirit of promise. Graduates of the theology master’s will generally pursue a career as a Christian minister, though some choose to enter religious research, teaching, policymaking, counseling, or social care fields.

Admission requirements for Campbellsville’s theology masters include an official bachelor’s degree with a sufficient grade point average, 18 hours of undergraduate coursework in the field of religion or theology (or an applicable master’s degree), a Philosophy of Ministry Essay, two letters of reference, and an interview with the Dean of the School of Theology.

Campbellsville’s theology masters will take about two years to complete, though accelerated learners can finish the program in as little as 15 months. The 30-hour core curriculum includes Biblical studies in the Old and New Testament, a course sequence in pastoral leadership, or a rigorous study of theology and ethics. In total, the program spans 18 hours of required education courses and six hours in each of the remaining two areas, with room for elective course options selected by the graduate student. Specialty electives include Philosophy of the Christian Faith, Intergenerational Ministries, and Baptist History and Heritage. Graduate work culminates with a final expansion of the student’s Philosophy of Ministry Essay, which should reflect their 18-hour course emphasis and expand on their graduate-level research.

Our university’s graduate theology program is maintained by a gifted group of full-time and adjunct faculty, including Dr. John Hurtgen (Dean, School of Theology), Dr. Dwayne Howell, Dr. Twyla Hernandez, and Dr. Scott Wigginton — all members of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. For those who seek a refreshing curriculum that includes applied ministry teachings, Biblical and theological studies, and a foundation in Christian service, we invite you to learn more about the Master of Theology. Thank you for visiting Campbellsville’s Graduate School of Theology.

This program is also available in a 100% online format. Learn more about Campbellsville University’s online Master of Theology.

Master of Theology Quickfacts

Length of Program – (standard) 24 months, (fastest) 15 months

Format – Fully online, on campus at the Louisville Education Center, or blended online and on campus at the Louisville Education Center.

Program Definition – The Master of Theology program is a 30-hour program of graduate theological and ministerial training that provides an 18-hour emphasis in one of three areas (Pastoral Leadership, Biblical Studies and Theological Studies) and prepares the Christian minister for effective kingdom service through the church for the world.

Degree Requirements

  • 30 Hour Program:  The M.Th. student takes an eighteen-hour emphasis in either biblical studies, pastoral leadership, or theological studies, and then completes the final twelve hours by taking six hours in each of the two remaining areas of study.
  • Philosophy of Ministry Essay:  The final requirement of the program is to expand the Philosophy of Ministry Essay that the student wrote as an admissions requirement in light of their 18-hour emphasis (from 2-3 pages to 7-10 pages).

Admission Requirements (for program only)

  • An application for admission to Campbellsville University Graduate Studies Program.
  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Eighteen hours of undergraduate coursework in the area of Christian Studies, Religion, Theology or Christian Ministry from a regionally accredited college or university OR a Masters degree (such as M.A., M.Div.) OR applicable graduate course in Theology, Christian Ministry, or Bible.
  • Overall GPA of 2.7 or an undergraduate major GPA of 2.0.
  • Undergraduate overall GPA of 3.0, or Official report of a Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score (minimum 750 points), or the Miller Analogy Test (MAT), or a Previous Master’s degree from an accredited institution (or at least 30 hours in a planned program of study with a minimum overall GPA of 3.0).
  • Philosophy of Ministry Essay (2-3 pages), in which the applicant briefly summarizes his or her:
    – Conversion and call to ministry (telling of persons and churches instrumental in your journey to faith.),
    – Current title and place of ministry (if none, describe most recent title/place of ministry), and
    – Current philosophy of ministry (providing both a biblical and theological basis; be sure to include references to persons, churches, ministries, and other resources that have shaped your understanding of Christian ministry).
  • Two letters of reference: one from an academician and one from a minister, both well-acquainted with the applicant’s life and work.
  • A phone or face-to-face interview with the Dean of the School of Theology (Main Campus) or Director of the Louisville Education Center (Louisville).

*Conditional admission for one semester may be granted by the Dean of the School of Theology for students meeting most of the requirements so they may complete what is lacking.

*Applicants may transfer a total of 12 hours graduate Christian Studies credit hours from regionally accredited graduate degree programs if the courses match content of required seminars or are accepted as “elective” courses; academic coursework offered for transfer credit must carry a grade of “B” or better.


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