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With three floors and 98 rooms, Stapp Hall is the largest dormitory on the campus of Campbellsville University. It is able to house 196 female resident students.

Each floor contains a community restroom that is shared by the residents of that hallway. The restrooms also house a showering facility. The rooms can accommodate two students each and are equipped with 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 closet areas, and a large double dresser that is shared between the students. The residence is also equipped with a laundry room that is located on the third floor in the center hallway.

Stapp Hall houses female students from all walks of life. It is the ideal setting for community living that helps students develop friendships among their peers. All students enjoy spending time together either in their individual units or in the spacious lobby which is open to all students during the daytime hours and until 12:00 a.m. each evening.

Attributes that come with Stapp Hall include:

  • Community Lobby (Equipped with a 32” TV, furniture, and WIFI Connectivity)
  • Vending Machines (Snacks and Drinks Available)
  • Cable TV (In each room)
  • Phone Hook-up (In each room)
  • Ethernet Hook-up (In each room)
  • Swipe Card Entry for the main entry door

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Hillary Anderson
Resident Director
(270) 789-5358

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