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North Hall is one of our traditional residence halls that consists of 43 rooms capable of housing 86 male students. The rooms are designed to house 2 male students and come equipped with 2 desks, 2 beds, one large double dresser that is shared by the students, and closet space. Each floor is equipped with a community restroom and showering facilities. There is also a laundry room that houses an ice machine.

The purpose of the North Hall dormitory is to instill in each student the importance of learning and gaining an education, as well as the benefits of fellowship with other students. North Hall is a diverse community that consists of students from all walks of life from many different cities across America and different countries around the world.

The residence hall is located next to the recently renovated Finley Stadium and across the street from Powell Athletic Center. One of the great advantages of living in North Hall is its centralized location on the campus and the great sense of community and fellowship that it fosters.

Attributes that come with North Hall include:

  • Community Lobby (Equipped with a 32” TV, furniture, and WIFI Connectivity)
  • Vending Machines (Snacks and Drinks Available)
  • Cable TV
  • Phone Hook-up
  • Ethernet Hook-up
  • Swipe Card Entry for the main entry door


Fontez Hill

Fontez Hill
Resident Director
Phone: (270) 789-5599

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