Tiger Take-Off




Mary Beth McAllister

Artist Biography

Mary Beth McAllister is a student at Campbellsville University working on a BFA in Fine Arts with a Concentration in Animation. She grew up in small town Columbia, Ky. While she works in a variety of mediums the ones that is used the most is watercolor and photography. Most of her work revolves around nature and animals.



Artist Statement

My work explores the beauty of nature and depicts the emotions and personalities of animals. Although I enjoy a variety of mediums the ones that I strongly pursue are watercolor, photography, acrylic, charcoal, and animation. The most important medium to me would be watercolor. The reasoning for this is because watercolor allows you to have more creative liberties. When working with watercolor an artist has to be quick and precise. This medium allows you to work in multiple layers. I chose to focus on animals because I enjoy being able to capture their character in just one photo. Animals offer interesting facial expressions and poses. Nature was also chosen because I am able to portray the beauty and attraction that life has to give. By painting nature scenes, it gives the artwork a sense of wonder and admiration.