School of Music

The Campbellsville University School of Music is committed to providing the highest quality, professional music education available in the state of Kentucky.
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Welcome to the School of Music!

Fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), the School of Music provides the kind of education one would expect to find in a conservatory setting: highly qualified and dedicated faculty, frequent performance opportunities, rigorous academics, and professional training.

Regardless of your major or minor, great care is given to all our students – personal attention and the kind of nurturing and encouragement that make Campbellsville a positive experience. The School of Music provides opportunities that will enhance the life and education of every student at Campbellsville University.

Nationally Accredited

All degree programs offered by the Campbellsville University School of Music are accredited by the National Association
of Schools of Music and the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

This ensures that every degree program meets or exceeds national standards for graduate music education. Campbellsville University is one of only two private Kentucky colleges to have earned national accreditation in music.


The School of Music offers four certificates, three minors, four Bachelor’s degrees and two Master’s degrees.

The School of Music seeks to develop professional competence and productive scholarship in its students. The programs of study are designed to lead to a broad acquaintance with historical and contemporary states of learning and prepare students to make contributions to the advancement of their respective fields. The spectrum of course work in each degree helps to ensure that there is a fusion of musical and intellectual skills in students who understand the cultural and intellectual background of music.

Mission Statement

The School of Music of Campbellsville University serves as an instrument of the University in the direction of music training and the stimulation of creative and professional work in music. The School of Music provides music study within the mission and goals of the University.

The School of Music attempts to broaden the education of every student in the University by providing a broad range of experiences in music; by offering class instruction which seeks to develop an understanding of music as a communicative art, its place in life, and its value to the individual; and by offering specialized training in musical skills.

The School of Music encourages the development of students who wish to prepare for careers as professional performers, teachers, or church musicians by providing competency-based courses which lay a technical and broad cultural foundation and which equip music students in their particular fields of interest and endeavor.

The School of Music guides students in the attainment of academic, spiritual, vocational, Cultural, and social values through professional training, musicianship, and the liberal arts concept.