Smyzer Speaks on Mercy at CU Chapel

By Hillary C. Wright, student news writer

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky.—“There are some situations, some state of affairs, some current circumstances that we deal with on a regular basis, but if these things were not there, it really don’t mean nothing.”

In a message titled “When It Really Don’t Mean Nothing,” the Rev. Matthew E. Smyzer Jr. preached on Oct. 29 at Campbellsville University’s chapel service. Smyzer is the executive director of the Baptist Fellowship Center and pastor of Beargrass Missionary Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky.

Smyzer related the story of the blind beggar in the Bible at Mark 10:46-52, and how he received the mercy of Jesus Christ. He highlighted four points in the story: mercy is needed, mercy is asked for, mercy is offered and mercy is enjoyed.

“As all light comes from the sun, so the mercy he (man) needs is the mercy of God, the mercy that acts in help and healing,” Smyzer said.

He told the audience they shouldn’t let anyone “try and shut you up when you are in need of Jesus.”

Smyzer said, “They don’t know your struggle, they don’t know your situation, they don’t know your pain. This is deep need calling unto the deep of Divine mercy, and not in vain.”

In explaining that mercy is offered, Smyzer said, “He who hears the cry of the raven will not turn a deaf ear to the cry of a needy, trusting soul.”

And, he said, “If you call on the name of Jesus, He will not send the hungry empty away.”

He also emphasized Christ’s role in the lives of humans today and that others’ opinions don’t matter. “Everywhere you go, you are going to have haters,” he said. “A lot of times, Jesus is the only friend you’ll have. You can tell Jesus anything and you don’t have to worry about him telling others. When it comes to our relationship to him, nothing else really matters.”

Smyzer said, “For when He calls me I will answer, I’ll go with Him, with Him all the way.”

Smyzer also talked about the importance of maintaining a humble spirit. “Humble yourself to ask for mercy,” said Smyzer, “and ask for the right thing.”

He concluded by leading the crowd in prayer.

Smyzer serves as chair of the Campbellsville University Church Relations Council, superintendent of missions for Central District Association and vice chair of the State Mission Board of The General Association of Baptists in Kentucky.

Chapel is held each Wednesday at 10 a.m. in Ransdell Chapel. The public is invited to the event.

Campbellsville University is a private, comprehensive institution located in South Central Kentucky. Founded in 1906, Campbellsville University is affiliated with the Kentucky Baptist Convention and has an enrollment of 2,601 students who represent 93 Kentucky counties, 27 states and 31 foreign nations. Listed in U.S.News & World Report’s 2009 “America’s Best Colleges,” CU is ranked 22nd in “Best Baccalaureate Colleges” in the South for the second consecutive year. CU has been ranked 16 consecutive years with U.S.News & World Report. The university has also been named to America’s Best Christian Colleges®. Campbellsville University is located 82 miles southwest of Lexington, Ky., and 80 miles southeast of Louisville, Ky. Dr. Michael V. Carter is in his tenth year as president.

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