Sara Clark

Artist Biography

Sara Clark is a senior at Campbellsville University and is currently working towards earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in graphic design. She is proficient in creature design, sculpture, illustration, and graphic design. Her primary focus in her art is visualizing what the world could be and what wonders could be hiding just out of sight.



Artist Statement

In my work I create creatures that blend in with everyday flora and fauna. I look for spaces where unknown creatures can hide or where my characters would go about their daily lives. I want to make people stop and look a little closer rather than only seeing the mundane routine of every-day life.

I have always had a wild imagination and never had a problem with keeping myself entertained as a child. Imagining purple and green polka dotted creatures with the body of an elephant and the eyes of a crab who loves to eat sandwiches. Imagination, I believe, is what makes the world turn around. Without it we wouldn’t have phones or electricity.

Through my work and influence I want to reignite that spark of creativity and imagination in people to see what things can be, rather than only what they are. Specifically in my work I create creatures that blend in with the world around us.

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