Serena Corbin

Artist Biography

Serena Corbin is an artist from Columbia, Kentucky. She works with mediums such as: graphite, charcoal, mixed media, digital media, and assemblage. Her artwork focuses on subjects like religious concepts, digital designs, symbolism, and portraiture. She is currently studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a graphic design emphasis at Campbellsville University and plans to graduate in May of 2021. After collage, her plans are to focus on perfecting her personal work as well as take commissions.



Artist Statement

My work consists of visual story telling through drawings, paintings, mixed media, digital media, and assemblages. Sometimes I’ll create stories from my own past, but typically I like to uplift others and their stories when I create. I use drawn objects and symbols to help tell these stories, as well as the usage of color to reflect the mood I feel the scene should portray to better suit the individual. I find joy in making others feel like they are both worthy and beautiful enough to become a work of art. It’s kind of an illusion though because they were born masterpieces regardless of work being made in their image or to their likeness.

My personal philosophy to creating artwork is that if the work I am making doesn’t line up with my beliefs, morals, or doesn’t possess a deeper meaning or symbolic essence to it, I shouldn’t be creating it. I enjoy the work that I’ve put thought and effort into. Work that not only affects my emotions but also could have a connection with others.

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