Shane Dick

Artist Biography

Shane Dick is an artist who lives in Campbellsville, Kentucky, specializing in graphic design work. His previous projects include posters, brochures for advertising, digital ads, brand logos. Recently, he worked on a logo for a plumbing tech school, and designed the clothing for Campbellsville University’s Esports program.

Graphic design allows him to work on problem solving skills and work on a variety of projects while along with getting to know his clients in order to make their projects come to fruition.




Artist Statement

As an artist, it is my job to be aware of everything in my environment and to problem solve. The world around us is filled with designs in every shape and form. From billboards, posters, and album covers to consumer packaging, advertisements, and even the clothes we wear. Each design fulfills their own purpose; each of these designs are all tied together by the same elements and principles of design while also being presented in a variety of different forms. Whether its designs made by other creators or designs in nature made by God Himself, each piece can inspire me and the art I make everyday.

While graphic design may be my focus when creating, I never want to stop exploring other mediums. Whether I’m drawing, painting, or sculpting it all translates graphically. Along with the urge to always improve and to push myself further each time as an artist and as a person, I also strongly value showing off different perspectives in my own artwork. Whether it’s a perspective from my client or a change to my own work due to another’s critique.

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