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Work Ready KY Scholarship Program

Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Liberal Arts and Sciences program gives you a solid foundation from the liberal arts and provides the opportunity to diversify your studies with six different concentrations.

This degree is for

  • Students who are interested in an individualized, multidisciplinary major in lieu of traditional single-area majors;
  • Students who are planning to go on to a graduate or professional program and would benefit from focusing on several concentration areas within the College of Arts and Sciences;
  • Students who are transferring in from another College or University (or several other Colleges or Universities) and do not have transfer credits that fit nicely into traditional single-discipline Bachelor’s degree programs;
  • Non-traditional age and adult students who are seeking a customizable degree that is both flexible and rigorous academically.


  • Business
  • Mass Communication
  • Criminal Justice
  • Social Sciences
  • Individual Sciences