2 Healthcare Screeners (FT), Taylor Regional Hospital, Campbellsville KY

Taylor Regional Hospital in Campbellsville, KY is hiring to fill 2 Temporary Full-Time Healthcare Screener position.

Job Description: The Healthcare Screener is responsible for on-site medical screening for all patients, employees, vendors, etc., that enter Taylor Regional Hospital to assess individuals for COVID-19 symptoms. The position is an unlicensed medical role that utilizes a verbal questionnaire, records temperature, and distributes appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to individuals.


  • Skills: Excellent communication skills (verbal, written and listening) and a positive attitude to work effectively with the public, hospital staff and medical staff required.
  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent preferred.
  • Experience: Customer service experience preferred. Prior medical experience a plus.

*For more information visit: http://www.trhosp.org/jobs/show_job.php?id=124245&category=Hospitality%20Services&sub&fbclid=IwAR2WUDKca6lim05KHVX9NYSct5QtldfRtFxgBKENgDsw2mMfP2aIhaxAGrE

**To Apply visit: https://ptserver.fasthealth.com/web_trh_ky/jobapps/job_app1.php?id=124245

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