Academic Manager, Mission Hope for Kids, Inc,    Elizabethtown KY


Position Title
  Academic Manager, Mission Hope for Kids, Inc,    Elizabethtown KY
Company Name
  Mission Hope for Kids, Inc.
Location of Job
  Elizabethtown, KY
Full-time or Part-time
Company Address
  401 W Poplar St
Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701
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Position Description
  1. Oversees education program for students grades Pre-K through 5th grade.
2. Understands basic academic needs of students on assigned day. Coordinates extra assistance when necessary to ensure kids meet academic benchmarks.
3. Coordinates with administrative assistant to engage school/teacher when a student is struggling or change is noticed during MHFK care.
4. Prepares academic objectives, goals, and strategies and structures program accordingly with permission of Executive Director.
5. Researches, selects and/or develops curriculum and activities for students who have no homework in order to enhance student learning and achievement.
6. Works with elementary coordinators to help them make necessary changes to instruction practices if necessary.
7. Coordinates initial prescreening interviews (and orientation) with student(s)/parent(s) to determine education needs and to best place the child with a homework assistant and/or mentor.
8. Is knowledgeable of MHFK volunteer handbook and understands their role in the grievance, incident reporting, and conduct slips.
9. Ensure all records for students are acquired and maintained including pre and post MAP scores and computer login information.
10. Assists coordinators on a one-on-one basis to train, encourage and support them in their volunteerism. This includes handling and resolving any student discipline.
11. Works with the schools/FRYSC and Executive Director to recruit/enroll eligible, new students.
12. Is available to meet with student(s)/parent(s) when feedback is needed, as issues develop and as additional community resources are identified.
13. Meets with other staff and executive director for program evaluation/guidance.
14. Does department-specific orientation with new mentors.
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