Adanta Group Youth Peer Support Specialist in Georgetown, KY

Institution: Adanta Group

Location: Georgetown, KY

Category: Youth Peer Support Specialist

Posted: 4/18/19

Type: Full-time

Online App Form:



An applicant shall:

(1)   Be an individual who is at least eighteen (18) years of age and is not older than thirty-five (35) years of age;

(2)   Have lived experience;

(3)   Be receiving or have received from at least one (1) child-serving agency a state-funded service that is related to the youth’s emotional, social, behavioral, or substance abuse disability;

(4)   Have a high school diploma or general equivalency diploma (GED) certificate;

(5)   Have successfully completed the KFLA training approved by the department;

(6)   Discuss the experience of receiving state-funded services from at least one (1) child-serving agency on the applicant’s responses on the short-essay form;

(7)   Demonstrate experience with leadership and advocacy in the field of behavioral health; and

(8)   Demonstrate his or her own efforts at self-directed leadership development.


Training Requirements:

An applicant seeking to provide youth peer support specialist services shall:

(1)   Complete and submit the KYPSS Core Competency Training Application to the department

(2)   Complete a department approved KYPSS training as defined in Section 3(4) of this administrative regulation;

(3)   Successfully complete the oral and written examination following the training;

(4)   Complete and maintain documentation of a minimum of six (6) hours of related training or education in each subsequent year; and

(5)   After employment as a KYPSS, complete the department approved Youth Peer Support 101 training as defined in Section 3(7) of this administrative regulation

Responsible for specific tasks as assigned, e.g.:

  1. Use relevant personal stories to teach through experience;
  2. Serve as a role model for clients;
  3. Ensure and empower client voice and choice during development and implementation of plans;
  4. Support clients by attending team meetings, upon request;
  5. Support clients by improving their confidence to be a self-advocate;
  6. Help individuals working with youth to understand youth culture;
  7. And Help clients enhance their relationships with community partners.

Meet the requirements for Kentucky Youth Peer Support Specialist established in 908 KAR 2:240.

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