Argonne National Laboratory Internship in Summer 2020

Institution: Department of Energy

Location: Argonne, IL  

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Posted: 10/18/19

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Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory pursue major advances in science and technology that support energy security, environmental sustainability, and national security. To deliver groundbreaking innovations in these areas, Argonne applies a unique mix of state-of-the-art user facilities and leading scientific and engineering staff. From renewable energy and supercomputing to materials discovery and advanced batteries, Argonne’s work aims to advance America’s scientific leadership and prepare the nation for a better future.

As one of the largest laboratories in the nation for science and engineering research, Argonne conducts leading-edge basic and applied scientific research in virtually every scientific discipline. Argonne also designs, builds, and operates major scientific user facilities, including the Advanced Photon Source, the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, the Advanced Powertrain Research Facility, and the Center for Nanoscale Materials.

Argonne researchers actively seek collaborative opportunities with colleagues in industry, academia, other national laboratories, and experts in other Argonne divisions to advance innovation and discovery. The laboratory also seeks to transfer its technologies to the marketplace through licensing, joint research, and many other collaborative relationships. For example, breakthrough materials developed at Argonne were recently licensed for use in the battery that powers the Chevy Volt.

For students, Argonne offers a unique opportunity to do meaningful, cutting-edge research in an inspired and resource-rich environment. Interning at Argonne will provide firsthand experience working with multidisciplinary research teams and world-class facilities, giving young scientists great flexibility to venture into the next phase of their careers. Many successful professional careers in science, engineering, and computing have come about due to summer internships at Argonne.

Located 25 miles southwest of Chicago in DuPage County, Illinois, Argonne occupies 1,500 wooded acres surrounded by the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve. Argonne’s proximity to Chicago offers employees and visitors easy access to renowned museums, entertainment and sporting events, distinct and culturally diverse neighborhoods, and the fabulous lakefront

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