Associate Pastor of Music & Worship-Full Time: Terre Haute IN

Searching for a full time Associate pastor with program focus in the areas of music and worship.

Position Description

Associate Pastor of Music & Worship

As an associate on the professional staff, the person will be a spiritual leader having primary responsibility for the ministries that relate to Music and Worship and will be directly responsible to the Senior Pastor, The Music Board and The Deacon Board.


The person fulfilling this position should meet the following minimum qualifications:

  1. Christian and Ministerial Experience
  2. Must be a dedicated Christian with an affirmed call to ministry.
  3. Prefer experience working in the designated areas of music and worship ministries.
  4. Education
  5. Must have a college degree from an accredited institution.
  6. A seminary degree from an accredited institution is desired.
  7. Must support the ministry of American Baptist Churches.
  8. Personal Abilities/Traits
  9. Work effectively in a team environment with other pastors, members of the music board, deacons and other lay leaders.
  10. Provide leadership in planning, organizing and implementing the programs within the defined ministry areas.
  11. Be able to develop and foster positive and interpersonal relations in the congregation and community.
  12. Be able to identify, motivate and enlist persons to participate in the varied levels of ministry.
  13. Demonstrate a willingness to continue to grow spiritually and professionally.
  14. Church Membership

Must, upon receiving congregational call, become a member of First Baptist Church.

  1. Primary Responsibilities – Music and Worship
  2. Provide leadership and vision to enable the Music Board to develop, coordinate, evaluate and lead a comprehensive music ministry including, but not limited to:
  3. Work with the Music Board to coordinate and lead music ministries with adults, children and youth.
  4. Work with appropriate persons to recruit directors & leaders for the various choirs and musical groups within the church
  5. Carry the primary responsibility in planning the worship services of the church in conjunction with other pastors.
  6. Explore and develop additional music ministries as the opportunities present themselves.
  7. Oversee the areas of budget related to music
  8. Provide an annual report to the church regarding the music ministry.

Pastoral Responsibilities

  1. Share worship leadership with the other pastors.
  2. Be available to officiate at weddings and funerals as requested.
  3. Share with the senior pastor in hospital & other visitation.
  4. Share administrative duties in cooperation with ministerial staff.

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