Bluegrass Cellular, Wireless Applications Technician,Elizabethtown KY

Company: Bluegrass Cellular

Position: Wireless Applications Technician

Based at: William Street location in Elizabethtown, Ky

• Monitor and maintain the voice and data application structures for 3G CDMA, 4G LTE/VoLTE, MTX, Voice Mail, MetaSwitch, SS7 and ancillary systems.
• Assist upgrade and expansion projects toward completion within deadlines assigned by management.
• Develop, write and edit procedures as needed to keep Applications documentation up to date.
• Maintain flexibility to immediately shift workload/focus when conditions in the network deteriorate. Provide assistance and/or drive issue to resolution.
• Communicate regularly with vendors to open, troubleshoot and solve cases on various Applications maintained equipment.
• Provide the Network Managers with technical information as needed.
• Provide support to other departments in Bluegrass Cellular.
• Provide timely reporting to Senior Applications personnel as directed.
• Work outside of normal business hours as needed.
• Assume other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management.

• High School diploma or equivalent.
• Understanding of SIP, CDMA and LTE technologies preferred but not required.
• Understanding of SS7, VoLTE, IMS, VoIP and related protocols preferred but not required.
• Strong technical and troubleshooting skills.
• Attention to detail with the ability to multi-task, prioritize and deliver on time.
• Telecommunications experience related to the cellular field.
• Computer literate.
• Valid driver’s license

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