Bookkeeping Internship


  1. Enter data from bank statements into Quickbooks Pro for 2 personal accounts and 2 business accounts for 7 years. One business account is simple, the other business has 4 individual LLC’s in it.


  1. The student would also categorize each entry into a tax category.


  1. Once the data is entered, the student would print reports and organize documents for tax preparation and possibly attend one or more meetings with a CPA.


  1. The student would report to me any missing documents, any inconsistencies found, problem areas, or issues found as the data is entered into Quickbooks.


  1. The student would consult with me re: any questions or clarifications about any data that is confusing or that he or she does not know how to handle.


  1. The student would also help me prepare and figure out what has to be done to settle an estate tax-wise when the head of the estate did not reside in USA.


  1. The student will keep confidentiality of all financial records and details. The student would be permitted to share with the hired CPA and only with their supervisor at the university if he or she is in independent study. If not in independent study, the student would be permitted to consult only with the hired CPA outside of the direct individuals for whom the tax work is being prepared.




  • Will use Quickbooks Pro


  • Hours can vary but must be sometime between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.


Possible that the position could be turned into a regular part-time bookkeeping job if the job is a right fit for the student If interested, send resume to or bring it to AD 21.

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